Cassandra Jamison

 Writing Biography:


I wrote my first (unpublished) novel at fifteen years old after having a strange dream that I just couldn’t shake without writing it down. After that, my world of writing took off, and it developed into something like an addiction that I could not break away from. My imagination became my playground and I found myself constantly dreaming up cool new worlds that were slightly more eccentric, though still just as real as my own. I wrote them into stories so that I could take others along for the ride with me. Books about unexpected heroes, and action-packed adventures. I love creating sweet romances embellished with wit and sarcasm, as well as the darker suspense that keep you up all night long, while promising yourself “just one more chapter”. After writing something like a hundred novels (a number clearly embellished for effect) my husband finally encouraged me to actively pursue publication. That’s when I decided to go back to my first novel, one that still lay heavy on my heart, and re-write it. This one became my baby and it's been a thrilling experience to share it with the world. It is the first of many, many more to come.

My Life:

I was born November 23, 1984 at my favorite spot in the world – Port Jefferson, New York. I am the middle child of three sisters (poor Jan!), born to Christopher and Kathryn Volkel who filled our home with love, imagination, movies, and books. We lived on Long Island, New York my entire life where I became active in my home church, humiliating myself with years of dorky performances on their stage that I never realized would someday come back to haunt me. In my spare time I also wrote a ton of skits that my friends and sisters (Naomi and Rachel) graciously enacted with me, unbeknownst to them that those old VHS recordings could someday make their way onto our public facebooks. I also attended a private school from kindergarten until senior year called Smithtown Christian School where I developed so many relationships that I still keep today. I went to a local college and stayed put until I met my husband, Rocky Jamison. I never considered that I would have a relationship with a man who lived so far away from my favorite place and people. Then I fell in love and suddenly it was like asking me not to be with him was as good as asking me not to breathe. A couple years later we were married and I was on my way to Colorado where I endured major culture shock. Coming from a town that resides just outside of New York City filled with fast-paced, mind-your-business type of New Yorkers, I never expected that I would someday end up in a cozy little town populated by just a little more than fourteen thousand charming individuals who all seem to think they know more about me than even I do. I’m not sure what the hardest thing was to get used to, the 30 MPH speed limits or the people who walk at a pace that makes you wonder if perhaps Satan is waiting for them on the other side. But the slower lifestyle has also given me more time to stop and enjoy the moments that fly by so quickly. I am now happily living where I always hoped I’d someday end up, in a beautiful home with my beautiful family where I’m a full-time writer and even fuller-time stay-at-home mom to my 7 year old daughter, Jersie Jean and 2 year old son, Sawyer Roc. The only thing that could possibly make it any better (besides living closer to my family and maybe having a Target within a fifty mile radius) would be to turn this writing hobby of mine into a full-time career. Maybe soon my paragraphs entitled “Big Break” and “Bestselling Novelist” will follow.